Girl vs. Boy

Boy: What day is it?

Girl: Thursday

Boy: What’s the date?

Girl: June 18th

Boy: What’s that mean?

Girl: (giggles) It’s my birthday.

Boy: Happy Birthday (in a totally cute & endearing way)

So that’s how my day began and it was happiness.  I went to work, as usual, but because of Facebook, everyone knew it was my birthday.  There were many, many well wishes, which was nice.  I felt pretty good all day and was taken out to lunch for Thai Salad – yum!  Everyone in my family called me, even my Uncle Pete, which was another nice surprise.

After a strangely difficult and off-putting errand after work, I met up with Boy at home.  Then, we drove to my sister’s house to hang with her and my niece for a while (because that’s what I wanted to do).  We played some hide & seek and also, checked out the room that used to be two rooms.  My sister had knocked down a wall!  Yeah… hee hee.

Then, to dinner!  Fabulous pasta!  (Boy had been planning on taking me to one of my favorite restaurants for Japanese cuisine, but was super nice about me deciding I wanted Italian food at the last minute).  Then, we strolled around Best Buy and Barnes & Noble, my favorite two stores to stroll.  We bought nothing, of course, then decided we should probably have cake.

We picked up chocolate cake from Safeway on the way home.  Boy then wrote the number 30 in whipped cream on top of the cake (nice!) to signify my new age, lit candles and sang me happy birthday.  We then proceeded to not cut the cake, just eat it.  It was delicious.  Then, we watched one of my favorite shows before he gave me my final present (he’s been giving me gifts all week, which was awesome!).  It was a very nice watch to match a necklace he bought me two years ago.

It was such a nice, calm birthday.  There was none of the craziness that normally makes me hate the day.  It was merely lovely.


Two hours after having arrived at work, I realized I am not in work clothes and I don’t remember showering this morning. 

I ordered $1,000 from the bank and sent it to the wrong person.

I accidentally e-mailed a member of the Board a question meant for the Store downstairs, complete with ridiculous clip art.

I was at the mall during my lunch hour.  I tried to change the music playing in Nordstrom by pressing a button on a nonexistent iPod.

My day is my own creation.

I woke up late this morning.  I hurried through my morning routine, half-wondering if my new soap was making any difference – probably not.  It was to be an ugly day – where everything I put on looks worse than the thing before it, so I keep on the last (ugliest) thing because I don’t feel like changing.  My pants don’t fit, thus proving I’m the fattest I’ve been in a while.  It was to be a fat day, too.

I wandered into 7-11, which is something I never do, thinking I could get coffee cheaply… then, put clumpy milk into my coffee.  I tried to explain it to the counter lady, but she just filled a new cup with coffee and told me to use creamers – the sugary kind.  Since I had spent the better part of the train ride explaining to Boy how fat & ugly & old I feel, and how I’m back on my diet (again), I couldn’t very well put sugary syrup stuff into my coffee.  I bought a mini-carton of skim milk to put in my coffee for when I arrived at work.

Then, promptly forgot about it and started drinking my coffee black… Okay, 7-11, points for you for making coffee I can drink without milk = Zero Calories!  This happiness translated into coming into work and fixing my ugly hair into something close to cute.  Then, I chatted about my running difficulties to a girl at work, who talked about her own running difficulties this weekend.  I feel happy 🙂 and understood 🙂 and less crazy.

I’m still fat, but honestly, it will only take me two weeks to get back into the swing of things and then my pants will fit and I’ll have more energy.

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I’m studying to be an Accountant.  It’s interesting and, more often than not, overwhelming.  So, when my friend Beyonce failed to get into the same Summer Class as me, I was not overly upset.  I thought about taking the class on my own, but why?  It’s so much easier and less stressful when I have someone to study with me.  I dropped the class.  We’re signing up to take two classes together in the Fall and it will only put us one class behind “The Plan”. 

So, I now have some time to get back to Running.  The joy of the run!  I was so excited about my newfound freedom, I signed up for two runs, one of which is a 10K that is three weeks and one day away.  It’s possible I’ll be ready, but not likely.  It’s my first 10K but I’m so excited!  Even if I fail miserably, I’m just so stoked to be back running!!!

Food consumption, unfortunately, has to change whilst I’m in training mode.  And, if I’m going to be ready in three weeks, I have to consider this training mode.  It’s good for me, though, and staying off the junk food is easier when I have a goal!!! 

June’s Goal: Complete the 10K in the city.

July’s Goal: Complete the 10K trail run.

August & September might see a run or two, but they are mainly prep time for October’s half-marathon!!!!

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I was going to blog about my new boss seeing as he left for the day and my other boss is in a meeting, but my other boss just e-mailed me that she has a project for me.  So, oh well.

Five Views of SanctificationSo, wow!  I can hardly believe how much I am totally loving the book my Mom and I are reading.  We decided about a month ago that, since we live on different sides of the country, it would be nice if we could have a phone meeting every week – one that didn’t involve spending a half hour discussing my little bro’s life choices, another half hour discussing my Dad’s stress level, and the last ten minutes for a quick update on her life and my grades in school.  We decided to get a book, read it and discuss it together.

I still don’t know how we chose this book – I think I found it on a website?  In any case, we’re reading “Five Views of Sanctification”.  I will be the first to admit that it’s slightly over my head.  But, I love that!  I love putting little question marks next to the words I don’t understand, then looking them up later and writing the definitions in the margin.  I love that this book actually makes me think about stuff and then I write that stuff down.  I love that when my sister is talking about her Theology classes, I now know the names of some famous theologians and what their theories are.  Woohoo!

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